Reality check

Have you ever looked at someone else and made the comment, “I can see myself in that person?”  We see their actions, attitudes or behavior and it reminds us of ourselves.  Most of the time, it brings about a sense of regret.  I do not usually think, Oh that person is good, just like me.


Wow.  What can you say after reading 2 Samuel 13.  Amnon raping his sister Tamar.  Absolam several years later takes revenge and has his brother Amnon killed for what he had done to Tamar.  The Bible is not one to avoid stating what life is really about.  This passage shows humanity as it really is.  The heart of man is desperately wicked.  You may say that your heart is not as bad as theirs.  You may say that you have never raped, never committed murder.  Well, if you turn to Matthew and see what Jesus said, some of you may change your answer.  Lusting after someone in your heart is considered adultery.  Hating someone equivalent with murder.  What about the rest of the ten commandments?  Have you ever told a lie?  Ever stolen something?  Ever wanted something that someone else had?  Ever used the name of God in a worthless manner, a useless manner?  Have you always honored your mom and dad?  Enough?  Now, what is your final answer?  Remember in James we read that to be guilty of one aspect of the law you are considered guilty of all, even if it was possible for you to be perfect with the rest of the law.(James 2:10)

Are you a good person?  If you are honest with yourself and God, the answer is _______!  (NO)


So, what are you going to do about it?  Or, what have you done about it?  What about others around you that still think that they are good people?




To be continued……


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