Restricted Access

Dear special agents, 

 Jeremiah 36:5-6 (NASB95)
5 Jeremiah commanded Baruch, saying, “I am restricted; I cannot go into the house of the LORD.
6 “So you go and read from the scroll which you have written at my dictation the words of the LORD to the people in the LORD’S house on a fast day. And also you shall read them to all the people of Judah who come from their cities.

When you go to airports, or banks, or government buildings, or some special events, it is very evident that there are certain areas you are restricted from going.  Only the people with the special uniforms, or special name tags have the access into all areas.  If you go beyond a certain point, you are in danger of being arrested.  When I was a child, I was able to go behind the scenes of a television production, because I was the son of the man speaking on the program.  I had the privilege that most kids my age would never have.  My relationship with my dad allowed me to interact with people behind the curtain.

 Because of Baruch’s relationship with the people of Judah, he was able to go where Jeremiah couldn’t go.  For some reason Jeremiah was barred from going into the Temple.  Baruch was given a message from the LORD through Jeremiah that he was able to deliver to all those in the Temple.  He was able to reach those that Jeremiah was unable to speak to.  He had the privilege to share the Words of God Himself, and there was ultimately the possibility for repentance by the king.

 About ten years or more ago, I remember my brother cautioning me about going into pastoring, because I would lose an opportunity to speak to people in places where  pastors would not be able to gain entrance to.  He had some good points to make, but I still need to heed the direction that God leads me.  However the point remains that each of us have audiences with people that the rest do not have access to.  Baruch was obedient and went and spoke the Word of God where Jeremiah was restricted.  The question for us is this:  Will we be faithful and speak the Word to those that are in our sphere of influence.  Jesus simply wants us to go and be available for Him to use.  We do not go it alone.  He is within us and will provide!  Simply obey.  By faith we will see people encounter Jesus and they then need to make a choice.

 “Lord, make me a crisis man. Let me not be a mile-post on a single road, but make me a fork that men must turn one way or another in facing Christ in me.” -Jim Elliot

Do you agree with this?  Do you recognize that each of us can be a Baruch?  We can easily agree that we can be selfish like Baruch was in chapter 45, but do we see that we can be God’s spokesman wherever we are?  Is this privilege only for the few?  What holds us back?  How can you “infiltrate” your special groups”


Minister of reconciliation,





Just can’t help leaving this out.  Look at the heart of God!


Jeremiah 36:3 (NASB95)
3 “Perhaps the house of Judah will hear all the calamity which I plan to bring on them, in order that every man will turn from his evil way; then I will forgive their iniquity and their sin.”

 You can not miss God’s continued desire for restoration.  His Words of judgment were meant to bring about repentance.  He truly is a Forgiving God, a God of reconciliation!   Praise Him!


One thought on “Restricted Access

  1. Do you have any examples in your life where God used you or someone else to speak into someone elses life that was unlikely for anyone else to reach? Where do you find the ability to speak? How do you know what to say?

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