Who’s Who?

(Readings for August 10, 2008   Matthew 1, Proverbs 1)


Dear family,


Don’t you love reading genealogies?  I could read them all night.  Okay, maybe not.  They are very hard to read through, but there is some very interesting facts within this one in Matthew 1.  Most importantly we see the fulfilling of prophecy that Jesus was the Messiah and that He came through the line of King David.  But what interests me most is looking at the people God used to make it happen.  The guys are a shady bunch if you investigate many of them.  But look at the women mentioned.  God included two prostitutes, a foreigner, and an adulteress.  Pretty wild, huh.!?  I am amazed and thankful to see who God uses in the Bible.  It makes me realize that He can and wants to use even me.  He wants to use you as well.  The question always ends up with us.  Will we let Him?  Just be available and see what He will do.


One other comment.  Guys, what would you do if the girl you were going to marry, suddenly came up pregnant and you had never been intimate with her(which I congratulate you on)?  This is what Joseph had to face.  Good thing God sent an angel to step in.  That seems too much to bear. 


After seeing this first chapter in Matthew, God is telling me don’t jump to conclusions by what you see in the circumstances around you.  He tells me that He can overcome any circumstance.  “Just, trust Me!”, God says.


Thankful I am part of the family tree,




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