Readings Matthew 19, Proverbs 19


Dear “Students”,


A teacher by the name of William Leonard surveyed 2500 High School students.  He found that most of the students are asking 25 common questions.  Many of the questions deal with sex and pregnancy, but topics about evolution, the environment, AIDS, UFOs, death, race and the human brain also frequent their thoughts. There were five questions that Leonard felt were beyond the scope of science, and he didn’t try to answer them.  “Is there life in outer space?; Is there life after death?; Is there really a God?; Is there really a heaven?; and Why are we here?”  Other questions included, “Why is the sky blue and how did dinosaurs die?”  Leonard writes a book called What are Teenagers Asking?,  answering 20 of the questions that he can give a specific scientific answer to.  What are your top 25 questions?

 Many have already started having to deal with answering questions at school this fall, while many will start answering countless questions this coming Tuesday.  Learning involves investigation, multiple questions that need answers.  I wonder how many questions we answer in a lifetime.   I hope that you all do well with the questions you will face this year.

   Listen to the question the Rich Young Ruler asked Jesus,
 16 Now a man came up to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?” Matthew 19:16 (NIV)

How would you answer this question?   Do we know how to respond to the question?  Are we living a life that will cause other people to want to ask us that question?  Spend time thinking about this?  The Bible tells us to be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is in you.  I Peter 3:15 


We have the privilege to give the answer to the most important question in the universe.  Questions greater than Why is the sky blue?  Will we be ready?

 A fellow student,



   My desire is that you will be in the Word regularly.  I would love to hear what you are discovering.  Never give up your questions and searching for answers.  Look above at Time in the Word for the current reading schedule.


One thought on “Questions

  1. “We had just assumed that if millions of children were dying and they could be saved, the world would make it a priority to discover and deliver the medicines to save them.” “But it did not.” Bill Gates said this at the 2008 Harvard Commencement Ceremonies. He wondered why people wouldn’t do something about something so terrible.

    What is more terrible is that people are dying everyday, every minute without Christ, and are entering eternity without Him into Hell. A terrible thing to consider, but the Bible is clear on this. It makes the question in Matthew 19 so important.Think about it. Bill Gates is concerned over the millions of children that are dying. He can’t understand why others aren’t making that a priority. What about you and me? Are we making the Gospel a priority?

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