Are your arms getting tired?

Readings   Exodus 15:19-28:43 


It can be lot’s of fun holding your arms up for a little while!


 Dear wanderers, 

Wow.  There is so much in this section from Exodus as Israel begins it’s journey in the wilderness.  From the grumbling of the Israelites, to the provision of water, and manna, and meat from the LORD, to the provision of victory over Amalak, to the giving of the Law, to the instructions of building the Temple and the Ark of the Covenant, there is so much to learn. 


Do you realize that they had manna every day for 40 years?  They named it manna, which meant “what is it?”, because that is what they said when they first saw it.  It didn’t look like the typical bread we get in the grocery store, not did it look like the bread they made.  But I bet you it had all the ingredients for one of the healthiest food items ever consumed.  The master Baker prepared it daily, except on the seventh day.  (How God treated the seventh day is a little food for me to think about again.) 

The holiness of God is so clearly seen in the account of the giving of the law, and the instructions for making the temple and clothes for the priest, and the consecration of the priest.  Not just anyone could enter into his presence.  If anyone touched the mountain where God was meeting with Moses they would have died.  The priest had to wear bells along with everything else that was made.  We kept reading, “See that you make them after the pattern for them, which was shown to you n=on the mountain.”  God’s commands were clear then, and I believe they are now.  Will we obey?  We will come back to the Law later, I hate leaving it now.  But for now I am so thankful that God gave the Law and it led me to Christ, showing me my sin and my desperate need for Him.


There is one story that intrigues me.  It is when the Israelites had to go out and fight Amalek.  Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up on top of the hill while the battle went on.  Moses raised his arms up and the Israelites would be winning and when he put them down, Amalek would prevail.  Well, you know what happens when you try to hold your hands up for a long time.  They become very weary and you have to let them down.  The same thing happened with Moses, so Aaron and Hur set a stone under Moses and each of them held an arm up, so that Joshua and the people of Israel prevailed. 

My question is simple today.  Who do you and I need to come along side of today that is becoming weary?  It is not that God is not able.  Remember He is the I AM.  We need one another to continue to focus on Him and to keep dependent on Him.


Thankful for the Bread of Life, 



2 thoughts on “Are your arms getting tired?

  1. I often marvel at the tasks that God sets before us and the obstacles that we must overcome to accomplish those tasks. Also, once again we learn how Moses alone would not have been able to accomplish what he was commanded; but, with the help of others, aiding him and thinking outside the box, the work of God was completed.

    I am ever grateful for my brothers and sisters in Christ, who have often helped me prevail over challenges that were too big for me alone. I believe that, when I pray, God answers with awareness; making me aware of the skills I have and making me willing to resource the aide of others and to put down my pride when and where it is foolish and endangers God’s purpose.

    Facing challenges in the Light of God’s Love,

  2. It is interesting to me to see that if we place ourselves in the right position, God does all the work. Holding arms up could not accomplish the task before them, but as they submitted to God, He gave the victory.

    I am still trying to learn that. I try to do the work, rather than just “hold my arms up.”

    It is great to know that I have others in Christ who are willing to help me maintain the right “posture” before God, and I can return the help.


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