Mexico 2005 Mission Trip

  • The Mexico team arrives in Durango, Mexico.
  • It’s off to work we go!

    Surveying the work before we put the roof on and pour the concrete floor and platform.

    Working on putting the roof on in the warm weather. “Like a cat on a hot tin roof.”

    Halfway done or halfway to go depending on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist.

    Nicandro, the pastor in Murguia along with Bernie and Jon, our leaders from Y.E.S.

    Salvador, the pastor from Santa Cruz, surveying the work.

    The co-pastor from Murguia, Baldo had a great sense of humor and knew a little more english than most. He also supplied us with a pig for the celebration meal.

    The team from California was smaller than we had planned on, but somehow the guys managed not be too upset about it. Pedro(the far right) is a Pastor from California that oversees several churches in Mexico.

    Back to work. We hand mixed the concrete for the platform.

    Fortunately, we had a mixer for the main floor.

    But it still meant a lot of hard work, and the young people were up for the challenge.

    Katie taking her turn dumping the concrete.

    Taking a well deserved break.

    We were given lots of great food to eat, along with great fellowship. The Mexicans were very good to us.

    We made benches for the church in Murguia as well as for the church in Santa Cruz.

    Two of the finished benches. Kent, the “master” welder, and Steve M., the “apprentice” welded the metal frames together, while the rest bolted the wood down to the frames.

    The master electricians, Kim and Nathan, at work in the next two pictures. Bernie showed them what to do and they did a great job.

    Nathan up on high. Yes, he did need the ladder.

    We were able to pour a concrete ceiling over some bathrooms at the church in Santa Cruz as well as put in some water piping for the church.

    And now for the real reason we came! The church building, now with a roof and floor, was able to provide a place for seventy young people to come for a Vacation Bible School. Fifty more than last year!

    What’s this all about?

    We attempted to make friends in the town of San Francisco de Murguia. We were able to spend time down at the basketball court playing the town’s people, and had a great time. We are hoping to be able to have more of an evangelistic outreach in June 2006 as we head back to Mexico. Please pray for us as we hope to have a sports outreach that will draw people together so they might hear the Good News from Nicandro and others from the Church. Please pray for Nicandro and Baldo as they lead the Church in Murguia, and Salvador and his wife in Santa Cruz. We are very thankful for Bernie and Jean La Tour and Jon and Stephanie Morey from Yielded Evangelical Servants for their leadership and help in this great opportunity. We thank most of all our Lord Jesus Christ for the privilege of sharing His love with the people in Mexico. Gloria de Dios!


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